Development is being postponed until I can think of a good way to design the renderer, and the GUI system. Will post updates as soon as I design how I will write it all in code.

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My engine has 3176 lines of code.

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Version 0.001

– ported code to VC++ 2010

– can now run in a window or fullscreen, instead of just a console window.

– added gameinfo.txt, a keyvalue script that allows you to change the main game directory.

– added vidinfo.txt, a keyvalue script that allows you to change video options like window width/height and fullscreen.

– fixed a bugĀ  which caused the filesystem to improperly initialize.

– fixed a bug where nothing would draw if the engine was in fullscreen mode

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Welcome to my blog. In this blog I will post updates about new features and progress in my game engine, ChargeEngine. The design goals for this engine is to create moddable and reusable code that anyone with knowledge of the principles of C++ programming can pick up and use. It’s also been a goal from the beginning that the code, and included tools for this engine make creating games easy and rewarding.

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